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Here are a few recommendations from Boutique Retreats for wonderful days out and great places to eat for the whole family.

Rojano's in the Square | Luxury Cottages in Padstow | Trevear Farm

Rojano’s in the Square

Boasting a whole lot of history between its 18th Century walls, Rojano’s in the Square is something of an institution…

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Top 5 Resolutions for a Cornish New Year

The start of a new year brings lots of promise and opportunity. For those of us living in Cornwall or…

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Seal | January in Cornwall

January in Cornwall

Start 2020 with a bang and treat yourself to an indulgent Cornish escape. Well, why not? Our luxury cottages in…

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Top 5 Places to Spend New Year’s Eve in Cornwall

Known for its warm sandy beaches and summery seaside towns, Cornwall is not always at the forefront of everybody’s mind…

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Boxing Day in Cornwall | Trevear Farm | Luxury Cottages in Padstow

10 Boxing Day Activities in Cornwall 2019

Emerging through mounds of Christmas paper, wayward baubles and foil-wrapped sweets, Boxing Day appears through a food-induced haze. The big…

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Christmas and New Year Swims in Cornwall 2019/20

If you live by the sea or like to visit the Cornish coast, you may have heard of a rather…

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Christmas Lights in Cornwall | Luxury Cottages in Padstow | Trevear Farm

Cornwall’s Christmas Lights

Truro Switch on: 7pm, Wednesday 20th November 2019 Leading the way with Christmas celebrations in the county, Truro’s Christmas lights…

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Padstow Christmas Festival

Organised by super foodies and Padstow-philes Rick Stein, Paul Ainsworth and Nathan Outlaw, Padstow Christmas Festival is one of the…

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December in Cornwall

Ho-Ho-Hoping there weren’t going to be too many festive references? S’now way. It’s December in Cornwall and that can only…

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The Rumps | Luxury Cottages in Padstow | Trevear Farm

The Rumps Iron Age Castle

If you are looking to branch out from your luxury cottage and explore the area, a walk to the Rumps…

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