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Ruby’s Bar

A delicious cocktail bar in the heart of Padstow.

If you are staying in one of our luxury cottages in Padstow and are looking for somewhere special to sip an evening away, you should turn your attention to Ruby’s Bar. Run by Rick Stein and located next door to St Petroc’s Bistro, Ruby’s Bar is just a couple of minute’s-walk from the harbourfront and invites guests in with its classic 40’s diner-style appeal.

Best known for its selection of spirits and cocktails, Ruby’s Bar is the kind of place to go if you want to slip into something a little fancy and indulge your taste buds with expertly spun blends. Serving a wide range of wines, spirits, lagers and beers, you can choose from a classic favourite or surprise your senses with a pick from the delicious cocktail list. From the Nitro Espresso Martini to the South and Stormy to the Gin Highball and more, there will be something to suit every mood. And, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the choice, the staff will be all too happy to help you pick out your perfect concoction.

An atmospheric yet laidback venue for an evening tipple, Ruby’s Bar also shares a particularly appetizing food menu. As well as its bar area, there is a tasteful private dining room, designed by Jill and Kate Stein, that seats up to eight people. Free to hire, you can gather your favourite people and peruse the full à la carte menu crafted by neighbouring St Petroc’s Bistro and tuck into a wealth of specialities, including renowned steaks and seafood dishes. Start with Oyster Charentaise before easing into the local fish of the day and rounding off with a devilish dessert; the menu here is full of locally-sourced delicacies.

Once you’ve finished your meal, you are invited to sit back in the bar’s comfy lounge area with a coffee or perhaps another choice from the cocktail list. As the sky darkens and conversation drifts on, you can let the easy flow of the night sweep you along before it’s time to head back to your luxury cottage.

To book your table or find out more, check here.

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