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Perranporth Beach

Making your way along Perranporth Beach, your eyes trace a hazy sweep of sand that disappears into the distance. Peppered with dog walkers, bronzed bathers and tousled-haired surfers, this 3-mile beach is one of Cornwall’s greatest and calls to all those with a thirst for sun-kissed days.

Lightly treading footprints into the sand, you will soon lose sight of your trail as you wander along the shore of Perranporth Beach. Only a half hour’s drive from our luxury cottages in Padstow, this huge blankety expanse of golds, yellows and caramel-coloured sand is hugely popular for not only its size but its sheer, awe-inspiring beauty.

One of the longest beaches in the county, there is ample space to settle down with your back to Perranporth’s gently folding sand dunes or sprawled out closer to the water. Doused in sun cream, you can lose yourself for hours in the pages of a book, playing games along the shore or perhaps entertaining some feel-good exercise. Thronging with activity, if you haven’t already got something in mind, you will find plenty of inspiration here, from your first surf lesson to a spot of salt-licked yoga on the hard, flat sand left by the receding tide.

Of course, Perranporth Beach is also a fantastic place to let your four-legged friend let off steam. One of Cornwall’s best dog-friendly beaches, the shoreline is often decorated with the energetic blurs of ecstatic pooches hurtling after a ball or trotting alongside their owners. Welcome year-round, a walk here with your loyal companion is as relaxing in summer when the sun beats down through cloudless skies as invigorating in winter when the crowds disperse and you are treated to gorgeous, empty swathes.

As well as its natural allure which boasts seasonal appeal, Perranporth Beach also enjoys another unique advantage – it is home to the Watering Hole, the UK’s only beach bar. Perched atop the sand and showcasing incredible, uninterrupted views of the beach and sea, this awesome hub doubles as a restaurant in the day and bar and music venue in the evening. Often hosting local bands as well as international names and festivals in the summer, a gig here will be one you’ll never forget as the sun drops beyond the liquid horizon in a cascade of burnt tones.

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