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Camel Valley Vineyard

Whoever says that the British don’t ‘do’ wines has never been to Camel Valley Vineyard. A family-run vineyard, winery and visitor attraction, Camel Valley has been producing award-winning, world-class wines on their sun-drenched patch of Cornwall for over 20 years.

Starting way back in 1989, Camel Valley Vineyard is the product of the hard work of ex-RAF pilot Bob Lindo and his wife Annie. Buying a farm amidst verdant Cornish countryside, they began to realise a dream that would change the face (and taste) of British wines forever. Reading every book on wines and vines they could find and religiously tending to their fledgling vineyard by hand, the couple poured every ounce of energy they had to achieve one of the greatest wineries in the country.

Immediately receiving recognition for their wines, born from the fertile slopes of the Camel Valley and bathed in beating sunshine, their drive for perfection earned them a medal in the national English Wine competition for their very first wine. The first of many commendations, the medals and titles poured in over the years, achieving both national and international acclaim, and even earning them gold in the International Wine Challenge for their Camel Valley ‘Cornwall’ sparkling wine.

Later joined by their son Sam who returned to the farm in 2002 and who would later take over the siphons, the vineyard continues to thrive today and has won many more awards, even beating Bollinger and Roederer  in 2010 for the ‘Best International Traditional Method Sparkling Wine’. Consistently delivering the highest quality wines, it understandably draws a huge following and has bottles in restaurants across the country. But if you would like to sample some of these wonderful liquids before taking them home to your luxury cottage in Padstow, why not go straight to the vinery itself?

Offering guided tours on Mondays at 2.30pm between April and September, you can uncover the heart of Camel Valley Vineyard and see first-hand how these fantastic wines are produced. Learn all about the growing seasons of the vines, the workings of the vinery and later round off your trip with a glass (or bottle!) on the terrace of the wine bar overlooking the vineyard. On a warm summer’s day with the sun beaming down, nothing could be finer…

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