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Rock Beach

Lying at the foot of the well-heeled seaside town of Rock like a white-sand carpet thrown out before the sea is Rock Beach. A long, powder-fine fringe of sand backed by dunes and lapped by crystalline waters, it sits on the eastern shore of the Camel Estuary and provides the perfect escape from the chatter of the town.

On the opposite side of the River Camel to Padstow, Rock is around a 10-mile drive from our luxury cottages. Spin along country lanes with a warm breeze flowing through the windows or, if you feel like making your journey a little more romantic, hop aboard the Padstow to Rock ferry. Running throughout the year (apart from Sundays between November and February), the “Black Tor” ferry departs from two different points in Padstow depending on the tides and takes visitors on a wonderful passage across the water.

Dubbed ‘Kensington by the Sea’, Rock has long been a honeypot for the rich and famous, popular with yachtsmen, celebrities and even Royalty. Peppered with boutiques, sailing hubs and world-class restaurants, its polished facades are most worthy of its upmarket reputation. Yet arriving at Rock Beach itself, senses are stripped back and focus is placed on the beauty of the surrounds, a world away from the town. A place for sunseekers, paddlers and sports enthusiasts alike, this is somewhere for everyone to fuel nostalgic seaside dreams.

If you are heading over to Rock Beach for the day, make sure you remember to pack a picnic, water and sun cream. There is a café nearby should you want more choices, and with the beach being as long as it is, there are plenty of places to sit somewhere quiet with your goodies, even in the height of summer. A particularly captivating sight as you relax is watching the windsurfers and sailors out on the water, harnessing the wind and putting on a show.

Of course, just as mesmerising are the views over the estuary, and simply sitting and gazing at the views could take all day. If you are a keen birdwatcher, you’ll also be interested in keeping a look out for both the resident and migratory birds who frequent the channel, including lots of beautiful seabirds. Later on, when you are ready to head back, wander back over to the ferry (the last one leaves around 7pm in high season and 4pm in winter) or pick up your car from the car pack and wend your way slowly back home, sun-kissed and happy.

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