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Prawn on the Lawn

Many restaurants these days see the value in using locally-sourced goods. But at Katie and Rick Toogood’s Prawn on the Lawn in Padstow, they take their local connection extra seriously.

Starting their venture in Islington, London, in 2013, Katie and Rick expanded their popular business and established their second restaurant in 2015. In the heart of Padstow, Prawn on the Lawn is a fully licensed fishmongers and restaurant and delivers exceptional quality food to ready mouths. Wend your way through the streets, soaking in the atmosphere of this thriving fishing town and grab yourself a table at this little gem.

Still a humble operation with only 24 covers, Prawn on the Lawn is on the list of everybody who knows anything about food in Cornwall. Dubbed one of the UK’s top 100 restaurants by the Times in 2017 and also featured in the Michelin Guide, it consistently turns out top-notch dishes that are crafted using local produce and fresh seafood. From local farmers to fishermen to breweries, all aspects of the menu are as Cornish as possible.

“We have a fresh fish counter for takeaways so you can cook at home, plus a seafood bar and restaurant where you can eat in.  And what’s more, the mussels, oysters, lobsters and crab are all either grown or caught around Padstow.”

Whether you are heading to the restaurant for your favourite dish, enjoying small or large sharing platters for a companionable experience or heading home with a bag full of goodies, the love and passion poured in is evident through the abundance of flavour.  Of course, if you are eating there for the first time, the restaurant’s signature Prawn on the Lawn dish is a must try – homemade soda bread piled high with mashed avocado, prawns and a lime and coriander dressing.

Despite the uber chic interiors and cool design, Katie and Rick work hard to ensure their restaurant retains a strong family feel. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and let the friendly staff advise you. Opening hours vary and tables fill up quickly, so booking ahead is definitely recommended. 

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