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Greens of Padstow | Trevear Farm

Greens of Padstow

Wandering north towards the end of town, Greens of Padstow is the last but not least café before reaching the…

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Trevear Farm | Cornish Wine Producers | Polgoon

Cornish Wine Producers

Camel Valley: Founded in 1989 by Bob and Annie Lindo, Camel Valley are recognised both locally and internationally. With an…

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Obby Oss Festival Padstow | May in Cornwall | Trevear Estate

May in Cornwall

May in Cornwall is all about enjoying yourself and this beautiful county. Celebrations of local traditions take place all over…

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Prawn on the Lawn | Padstow | Trevear Farm

Prawn on the Lawn

Starting their venture in Islington, London, in 2013, Katie and Rick expanded their popular business and established their second restaurant…

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April in Cornwall | Trevear Farm

April in Cornwall

Sunny days, Easter activities near and far and a whole host of things to look forward to for solo adventurers,…

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