Top 5 Resolutions for a Cornish New Year

Top 5 Resolutions for a Cornish New Year

2019 is just around the corner and to make the most of the year ahead, we have put together a list of our top five resolutions for a Cornish New Year.

The start of a new year brings lots of promise and opportunity. For those of us living in Cornwall or who are planning a trip to this beautiful county, it’s already a pretty good start. However, if you want to dig a little deeper and take time to figure out what you would really like to achieve this year, resolutions are a great way to help refocus. But where to start? For a bit of inspiration Cornish-style, we’ve put together our top 5 resolutions for you to kick start 2019 with a bang.

Get outside more

A breath of fresh air can do us all the world of good and in Cornwall we are blessed with miles of stunning coastline and countryside to explore. From walking your dog along the coast paths to diving into the sea to hitting the trails with your bike, getting outside more should be in everyone’s top 5 resolutions for a Cornish New Year. Take your pick from all the wonderful activities on offer and fall in love with the great Cornish outdoors over and over again.

Treat your taste buds

Cornwall is becoming more and more widely recognised for its wealth of fresh, local produce and talented chefs. Plenty of famous names call Cornwall home and we are spoilt for choice with the abundance of fantastic restaurants serving delicious meals carefully crafted from local goods.

If you fancy being a bit adventurous this New Year, try your hand at foraging and visit local farmers’ markets and fishmongers to create dishes entirely from scratch. If being wined and dined is your thing, head out to that celebrated restaurant you’ve been thinking about for ages. 2019 is the year to go local and treat your taste buds and your tum; once you’ve got an appetite for Cornish cuisine you’ll never go back.

Look after yourself

Looking after yourself, as well as those around you, is extremely important and creating time for yourself should make everyone’s list this New Year. Home to countless beauty spots, spas and retreats, Cornwall offers the perfect place for practicing mindfulness and a bit of TLC. However you like to relax, you can pick your own favourite place and get back in touch with body and soul.

Take up a new hobby

Ever wanted to turn your hand to something new? Why not try a new hobby in 2019? A great way to challenge yourself and channel your creativity, taking up a new hobby can also give you an opportunity to meet like-minded people in the local community. From water sports to crafts to sea glass hunting and more, everyone can find something new to do in Cornwall this New Year. What will your new hobby be in 2019?

Community spirit

Community spirit is an essential part of Cornish life. This New Year, why not keep an eye on local events and offer to get involved. Whether it be a community beach clean, festival, support group or fun day, there are countless local committees and clubs looking for extra support across Cornwall. Whether you are a local or a visitor, getting involved in even one event this year could make a huge difference to a local community and is a great way of giving back.




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