Retallack Aqua Park

Retallack Aqua Park

Take a splash at Cornwall's biggest total wipe-out aqua park

Some people say that swimming is the closest thing to flying. At Retallack Aqua Park a similar philosophy is adopted, except that here, you actually do fly. Several feet in the air. From a bag-blaster. Of course, the effects of your flight are relatively short-lived until gravity regains control of the situation and you are gaily dropped back into the water with a splash.

If you are as puzzled by the idea of flying as you are about what a “bag-blaster” actually is, Retallack Aqua Park will answer all of your questions. Set in Winnard’s Perch, Saint Columb, the park proudly boasts the title of Cornwall’s biggest ‘total wipe-out’ style aqua park.

Catering for up to 100 people at a time, the inflatable park is an impressive size and hosts an enviable array of equipment and activities. Listing a giant trampoline, catapult, water wheel, ‘stepping stones’ climbing wall, slides, balancing beams and aforementioned blast-bag as just part of the course, the park provides a worthy challenge for any wetsuit-clad hero.

The aim of the game is to race your friends and family around the course until they, or you, wipe out on one of the obstacles. With the clue in the title (‘total wipe-out’), there is a good chance you will get unceremoniously dunked in the water below, but that is all part of the fun.

Great for celebrating all occasions from birthdays to work-dos and team bonding days, Retallack Aqua Park welcomes all those who want to play. Anyone over the age of 6 can join in (children under 11 must be in the company of a responsible adult), meaning big kids and little kids alike can burn off steam and enjoy this fun day out.

Each session costs from £10 per person, and you will be equipped with a wetsuit and buoyancy aids to keep you warm and safe during the experience. A lifeguard will also be on duty to keep an extra eye open for you.

Bookings can be made online or via the Activity Booking Office on 01637 882520.

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