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Animal Sanctuary to Visit in Cornwall

Animal Sanctuaries to Visit in Cornwall

Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary What they do: Established in the 1960s by Margaret Piper, Bolenowe Animal Sanctuary looks after sick, unwanted…

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St Enodoc's Church | Trebetheric | Luxury Cottages in Padstow

St Enodoc Church

A hermit in the 6th Century St Enodoc moved to Cornwall from South Wales, living in a bare cave overlooking…

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Trevone Beach | Luxury Cottages in Cornwall

Trevone Bay

Home to many local families, Trevone has an authentic air. Charming and inviting, visitors can weave their way through the…

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Padstow Lifeboat Station | Luxury Cottages in Padstow

Padstow Lifeboat Station

Nestled into Cornwall’s north coast along the Camel Estuary, Padstow has long been synonymous with the sea. Welcoming both local…

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Luxury Cottages in Cornwall | Trevear Farm | Padstow | Rick Stein Fishmongers

Stein’s Fishmongers & Seafood Bar

Opening in 2012, Stein’s Fishmongers in Padstow sells a variety of fresh fish and seafood. With a self-professed casual seafood…

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Hawkers Cove | Padstow | Cornwall | Trevear Farm

Hawkers Cove

At a mile and a half north of Padstow, Hawkers Cove is a lovely place to visit if you’d like…

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St George's Cove, Padstow | Trevear Farm

St George’s Cove

In the height of summer, St George’s Cove can feel like Padstow’s answer to more exotic climes. With translucent waters…

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Rock Oyster Festival | Luxury Cottages in Cornwall | Trevear Farm

The Rock Oyster Festival 2018

So what exactly is the Rock Oyster Festival? The Rock Oyster Festival is one of North Cornwall’s favourite festivals, taking…

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Events in Padstow this Summer | Trevear Farm | Luxury Cottages in Cornwall

Events in Padstow this Summer

Events in Padstow this Summer Music in the Park | Prideaux Place – 29th June 2018 Prideaux Place is an…

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Basking Shark | Reasons to Visit Padstow this Summer | Trevear Estate

Ten Reasons to Visit Padstow this Summer

If you can’t help but imagine yourself in Cornwall this summer, we don’t blame you. This beautiful county is home…

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